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tv   [untitled]    December 1, 2012 2:00pm-2:30pm PST

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>> can i ask a question about the floor plan, so it looks like what you provided here, it's not laid out as a restaurant, can you describe -- i don't see tables and chairs and that type of thing. >> tables and chairs aren't on the sketch of the floor plan. >> i guess how you -- it's going to be a flexible space because you want entertainment, how is that going to work. >> if you look at the floor plan, you'll see there's areas in both of those sides, there will be tables set up along the wall, there will be the higher bar type table along there through to the dance floor, and then there's also a mezzanine area and there's an area upstairs where they'll be more of a fixed price dinner will be fixed up there. >> so, the dance floor isn't where tables are going to be, it's just going to be a dance floor? >> yes. . er the sound system, is there a
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compressor on that thing? >> a limiter? >> yeah. >> yes, there is. >> there should be a limiter on there. >> so, you understand what a limiter is? so, if voj goes out and touches your sound, says it has to be a certain level, you have to adjust it to that, that will help monitor your control, the second thing is your music scheduling, who's doing that? >> to start, it will be third party outside promoter. >> so, who's screening -- >> it will have to be -- we haven't gotten that far to look at it, it would have to be the list of approved -- >> we have a promoter's list. okay, would you have you as the applicant have the final say? >> yes, i would, yeah. >> this is what happens in the past, you know, you kind of trust people. >> are you going to trust me?
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>> i trust you, but sometimes i don't trust the outside sometimes. >> right. >> i just want to say that the blue m cc aw has been overall a problem venue for us and i understand that you have a project manager by profession and as a project manager, you should know all projects have unforeseen things that you have to be prepared for that, and so i just want you to think of what your plan b is going to be in every situation because i would love to see you succeed. i would love that venue to be successful in that neighborhood which is an up and coming neighborhood. >> yes, it is. >> so, think of like if you can't find a promoter and a promoter burns you in some way, how would you provide the entertainment the next time around and there are lots of good people you can talk to. >> okay, thank you. >> if i might just, i know it's
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late, i want everyone to understand, i'm going to reiterate this again, the promoter in the san francisco website is not an approved list of promoters, they are not vetted in any way, they are simply registered, please don't misunderstand that somehow those are the a plus promoters in san francisco, that is not what it functions as and that is not what it is. >> i'm on that list. >> anybody can be on that list, good, bad or indifferent. >> what's good about it is there's some responsibility, so the police cannot just blame you, there's somebody else that's registered that they can refer to. >> we simply know in theory who they are, however, it is not a verified list, anybody can sign up from anywhere, so you must do your best to vet them
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yourself, you must find some people to assist you in figuring out whether these people have good references or not, and you do have good security, so i implore you to learn. er >> i will definitely be consulting with that, 15 years plus experience of dealing with promoters in san francisco. >> do you have an idea of what kind of programming you want, what kind of music you want? >> it's a little bit different, the dem -- demographics are a little bit different, a little bit older demographic, it's going to be a more french going demographic, when i did have my meet and greet, i was playing the music, everyone liked it but they were surprised they never heard it before and some of these groups have been
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around for five, ten years, so -- and the demographics i'm appealing to is 21 to 30 years old for late night but it's an older group, 30 to 40 plus, because that's younger than i am, but for clubbing, as you know for clubbing -- >> this is french clubbing music? >> yeah, it's a french influence club, i'll play house music and american playing songs. >> they have hip hop in paris, just so you know. >> but it's in french, yes, but it's a different kind of music. >> it sounds like it would be a stronger business plan if you honed in on that audience and that demographic group and see what they want, how many nights are you going to be able to get that crowd out versus a variety of facts.
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>> the scariest thing about this business is you invest all this money, you open up the business, you do the best you can, you comply with all the regulations and all of a sudden you're not making the rent and that's very scary, or you're not able to pay your staff because you didn't pull in enough money and then you fall off the proverbial cliff and start doing things that end up creating a problem venue. >> [inaudible]. >> well, i don't condemn any musical style, but i will tell you that i think when i said you need a plan b, you really flexed -- need to hone your marketing plan, if this doesn't work, how easily can i flip to that, how much of my income will be the food, the cocktails, the admission, you have so work with it. >> i appreciate that and we have, we've gone through an extensive plan, but you're right, you're right about that.
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>> alright. >> anymore questions from the dias? alright, seeing none, would the police like to come up? >> good evening, kristin mcdonald from mission station. mission station definitely welcomes a new venue to take the place of blue m cc awl which has been problematic for all, i'm also excited to have something different in the neighborhood than what's there already, he offers as he's already said french and creole and i personally when i was younger traveled on a train through paris and france and europe and exchange music was traveling aboard as well and i got the experience some of the music he speaks of and it was
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enjoyable, so i wish him the best of luck on that. as far as the conditions that were listed, there is an extensive list, however nothing out of the ordinary for a venue replacing the blue m cc aw, the only issue that mr. einselen brought up that we spoke about was number 3 on your list, i think that was just semantic, it states patrons must be visually and audio recorded, strike the audio, that was a clerical error, if you will, and again, you also addressed many of the same thoughts we had as far as business plan, what kind of venue he's promoting, what kind of crowd he's bringing in, it's excited to see the outcome, so if you have any questions. >> it's long. but nothing out of the usual, i
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don't think. >> do you know what kind of clothing you want the security staff to wear? >> the clothing is just something that distinguishes them easily from patrons. >> [inaudible] and striped shirts. and a mustache. >> and a baguette. >> i have a question for mission station, you are questioning proof of completion of score cards here, do you always require proof of completion to lead, or is that just us? we don't get it either? yeah, i think we should do that. do you normally request proof of lead training? >> no, the guard card as far as
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i'm aware, i'm still exceptionally new at this and i'm learning the road. >> lead, there's no classes. >> whatever, one of those, we can say lead and if they do tip, it's better, so they do lead, it will be passable. okay. i'm good i think. >> any other questions for the officer? great, thank you. do we have public comment on this permit? alright, seeing none, the matter is with the commission. >> so, i'd like to move to approve with our good neighbor policy, police conditions 1 through 15 and police condition 1 will also state lead training.
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condition number 3 we'll delete audio, although some cameras do record audio, they do, but we'll delete audio. and that is my motion. >> second. >> commissioner akers? >> aye. >> commissioner perez? >> aye. >> commissioner hyde? >> aye. >> commissioner joseph? >> aye. >> commissioner tan? >> aye. >> commissioner lee? >> aye. >> and i would like to say one of the best times i had at blue m cc awl, it was a fantastic party, so if you're looking for an idea, it's not very french. >> good luck to you. >> i'm sorry, i put my agenda,
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i know, i was thinking about baguettes. sorry about that. so, that brings us to number 6, commissioner comments and questions? >> happy thanksgiving, everybody. and everybody in the gallery. >> i would like to say that i went on a ride along with va granelli and we went through north beach and out in district 2, the marina and it was really enlightening, he does a fantastic job and it was great to see, so i would recommend that other people do that, it just gives you a different handle on how regulations happen and how things happen
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out there, it was a fantastic experience so i would like to thank voj for taking it along, i have to do it again, and also i would like to invite people for the harvey milk moscone memorial which will be on the 27th here atcity hall, they will have speakers, and the harvey hills club will have an altar and a band and we will move on to the camera shop, so please come to remember some ofh
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>> the important question is will you be bringing me a present? >> some shoes, yeah. >> okay, and number 7, request for new business and future agenda items? i would like to reiterate that i would like to hear from david chu's office, and if that's it, chu's office, and if that's it, ms. wong, here. thank you. >> stand and join with the pledge of allegiance. erasxxmj4(p&c"p% america, and to the republic for
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which it stands, one nation, liberty and justice for all. pngeddle thank you for joining us today. our one and only meeting in november. so this is thanksgiving, that's coming up. so just to remind you that usually on[/g;a50e thanksgivings generally the -- where you scheduled the second meeting and we don't have the second meeting. so for all of you that are anxious tokñ?ñ? get to a second meeting, i'm sorry. we won't be able to have a meeting in november. item a, approval of board 26, 2012,
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second. any corrections? roll call please. >> thank you. ms. lee, y-ñ?ñ?es. ms. wong, yes. ms. feuer, ms. -- dr. murase, yes. >> that's five ayes. >> item b preparations to the superintendent report tonightfjr his thoughts. superintendent craza. that's listening and watching on tv. because this is the only meetin? in november i had a few thoughts so i will be as quick as possible. by saying that on behalf ofbr:?e san francisco unified school district, and school districts we want to thank the voters for their support of propositionzó;m enable --
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>> which will enable the san francisco unified school district to maintain the same level of funding from the 2011-12 school year and stave off additional mid-year cuts slightlyijókgáy majority to pass statewide we in san francisco passed the measure by an overwhelmingoññ?ñ?ñ margin. once again -- >> [applause.] >> yes. we have demonstrated our commitment to thevñ?ñ childrenf our community and while this is reason to celebrate we want to ask for youraq/ag/@v continued y in support of our schools. our schools remain underfunded by 22%, but despite this we have to educating the whole child. let me be clear, there is no
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extra money as a result of propñ 30. on our website we have included frequently asked questions regarding proposition 30 and district. for more information visit=;]!wt that i've received from the around prop 30. i also would like to share that as superintendent i often and members of the communityj direction of our schools. and while we are fortunate to feedback, one of the concerns i hear from many is whether or not standardized testing in math an? english has narrowed what and how we teach our students. question is#v÷ux]ú mastery of specific skills and subject materials align to state standardscñ?ñ? in math and englh that are assessed, usingdñ?ñ
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standardized tests are only a small part of what is being taught in our san francisco the greatest academic achievement gains in english ani math educate our students in much more than just english and math. they are committed to science and social studies, arts, and other enrichment opportunities for all of our students. even in our mostpkñ?ñ? historicy underserved schools, schools that previously wereñññ?ñ? underachieving, the following examples illustrate in concrete terms the district -- to educating the entire child. framework has encouraged non-fiction reading especially in science and social studies. schools have purchased additional books with the funds available and material tolqñ?ñ? support student learning in all of the -- our school improvement grantrñ?ñ? leveraged resources e permitted us to make significant investments in technology and hardware that is being used
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across the curriculum. and in particular these investments further have>éñ?ñ? enhanced student interaction and engagement with science and social studies and even the arts curriculum. student funding has permitted the school to hire additional pe teachersióñ?ñ? while providing n planning relief time for classroom teachers to continue to collaborate. it is because of this whole child approach that we have to learn in+95#l the san francisco are one of only three large urban school districts in the state of california to surpass despite our real budget constraints over the years. we are proud to have been able to leverage all of our available resources to maximize a broader educational experience for all of our students. and while we would like to do more, this board, and this superintendent, as a former75ñ?? social studies teacher and music teacher, are committed toáñ?ñ?ñ
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providing a rich, robust, and inclusive education for they
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district-wide in math and english language for grades 2-12 and spanish language arts for grades 2-8. these assessments align with the district's goals ofzhñ?ñ? provig ongoing assessment of student access to rigorous academic content across the district. i have some exciting news that within the next couple of weeks parents, you will be receiving your child'sxndvl individualizea reports, and results. in english, spanish, and in chinese. and on the report you will be able to see your child's performance levels in the subject material. ourtc>@láu hope is that this wil provide to families andyéñ?ñ?ñ s yet another opportunity, and a concrete tool for9fñ?ñ? discussg student academic process. we will work with school sites and parents to assist pwvñ%xb to understand what the cla's report help to/÷ñ?ñ? tell us about stut
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learning and how parents and teachers can work together to recognize student strengths and also areas for continued growth. i'd like to remind you the month of november is a great time to reconnect as awsñ?ñ? community h others and to celebrate, along with thanksgiving, november is native-american heritage month and we look forward to our communities commemorating this occasion on the curriculum. november¢ñ?ñ? is -- stand up for peace and safety. our san francisco unified school district respect week is november 6 through the 30th staff, to assist with enhancing positive schoolmiñ?ñ? climates. school district staff which include our counselors, social workers, wellness coordinators, nurses, will be4fñ?ñ?ñ assisting schools with the coordination of respect week activities and for more information on respect week and how you can be directly involved please visit our
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student family and community support website at on a personal note, i had the wonderful opportunity to see one of our stellar student performances this past week at the ruth -- -- all i can say is bravo. congratulations to the student thes peens and their director, for a job well done. lastly, i would also like to congratulate our incumbent board commissioners on their reelections, commissioners wynns, fewer, and norton, thank you for your previous service to the children in our community, and we look forward to your continued work on our board of education and your unsurpassed families.
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i'd also like to welcome to the board of education commissioner-elect matthew haney, who will be filling a seat vacated by our president norman yee in january and hopefully he will be#qñ?ñ taking another seat. here's wishing, ladies andkl/ everyone a joyful, restful and happy thanksgiving. i am personally thankful for all of you for trusting your children to our care. thank you. >> thank you, superintendent, thoughtuñ?ñ?. no. they were very important comments. and today. so let's see, where am i? hey, you're up again. so recognition.64ízkmi"and resos of commendations. the first one is commendation of the 25th anniversary of the
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omega)th"e boysx7$[e1 club aul commissioners murase, and maufas. there is a motion and second? second. reading of the resolution by commissioner murase or maufas. i'll begin.efp2q!cn in commendation of the 25th anniversary of omega boys club, noa marshallwwnag0wd5 was)elsa!e school at -- who witnessed the violence take the life of their. club, whereas over the course of 25 years the omega boys club has trained nearly the alive add free prescription, engaged with more than 10,000 youth who remain alive and free
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in the bay area, mentored 163 college graduates,;>jk,> 176 be college retention rate for$?ñ?e past six years, produced 32 alumni with post graduate degrees, to train school staff, reduced violence at 17 adopted schools impacting over 15,000 students, spread the alive and free message to over 115,000 people who have heard the alive and free message and presentations and workshops, and served as a model for 24 cities replicating the alive and free prescription and the omega like programs across the u.s. and canada. >> whereas the omega's boys club program was adopted -- therefore
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be it rye sofd that the board of education of the san francisco school district on the occasion of the omega boys club 25th anniversary congratulates the founders for their tremendous at-risk youth into goal-achieving college graduates and successful individuals creating a model of violence prevention that is acclaimed internationally. i believe they were unable to attend tonight but we welcome on him egg-a boys club alumni to [applause.] >> can we take a vote first. thank you. before etake a vote, is it authors? is it possible for me to add my okay.
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roll call please. >> commissioner lee, yes. >> ms. wong, yes. ms. feuer, yes. ms. maufas, yes. ms. mendoza, yes. ms. murase, yes. mr. lee, yes. >> unanimous. would you like to present at this point and after you present they can have a few words. pngeddle so -- would you like to have a few words, press the button. >> first of all, i want it than?


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